Thank you for your companionship! PlugChain’s mainnet celebrates its second anniversary.

3 min readAug 19, 2023

On August 19, 2021, PlugChain’s mainnet officially went live and has been running smoothly for a full two years. During these two years, as a Web3 public chain project, PlugChain’s core technology has become more mature and refined. The public chain ecosystem has seen extensive and profound expansion, and the community has experienced linear growth since the mainnet launch. Thanks to the magnetic force of PlugChain’s technology prowess, the global PlugChain community has united millions of members to work together in dedication and unleash their potential.

Community User Growth: Winning Together

Since the launch of the PlugChain mainnet, community engagement and user numbers have been steadily increasing, serving as a crucial pillar of PlugChain’s success. Through continuous promotion, marketing efforts, and a diverse range of community activities, PlugChain has attracted a substantial number of users interested in blockchain technology and applications. As of now, PlugChain boasts a community of over two million members spread across the globe.

It’s worth noting that PlugChain places a strong emphasis on establishing an open and transparent community governance model, actively seeking input and feedback from its community members. This approach enables community members to actively participate in the decision-making and development of the public chain. PlugChain firmly believes that only through mutual growth with its community users can a win-win situation be achieved.

In the field of technology, PlugChain has always adhered to a philosophy of continuous innovation, consistently driving the iteration and improvement of public chain technology. Through collaboration with top experts in the blockchain domain, PlugChain has not only continuously optimized aspects like security, performance, and smart contracts but has also achieved significant breakthroughs in critical areas such as privacy protection and cross-chain interoperability.

Last year, PlugChain embedded an AI system into the underlying architecture of the public chain, resulting in a better fusion and integration of intelligent features for ecosystem applications with blockchain’s scalability and security. Simultaneously, by introducing sharding technology and the concept of heterogeneous chains, PlugChain achieved high throughput for on-chain transactions (up to 100,000 TPS), providing users with faster and more stable transaction experiences.

Furthermore, PlugChain is dedicated to providing a developer-friendly environment, offering a wealth of development tools and documentation to help developers build and deploy decentralized applications more conveniently, further enriching the PlugChain ecosystem.

Public Chain Technology Iteration: Innovating Continuously Forward

PlugChain is well aware of the value of a healthy ecosystem in the success of a public chain. Therefore, over the past two years, PlugChain has actively established partnerships with industry collaborators, driving the continuous expansion of the public chain ecosystem.

Simultaneously, PlugChain has built a series of ecosystem fortifications, including self-developed components such as Pando (the official wallet), PLUG Browser (blockchain browser), Very5 (the official NFT platform), GxSwap, PUSD (the official stablecoin), and more. In fields like DeFi, NFT, GameFi, AI, PlugChain has closely collaborated with over 20 high-quality projects, collectively advancing the real-world application of blockchain technology.

Looking to the Future: Pioneering a New Era in Blockchain

PlugChain celebrates its two-year anniversary of the mainnet launch, looking back, we feel proud and satisfied. However, PlugChain’s team is well aware that the road of blockchain technology and applications is long and challenging. In the future, PlugChain will continue to uphold the principles of openness and mutual benefit, innovate continuously, and work together with the community, users, and partners to pioneer a new era in blockchain.

Through continuous technical optimization, ecosystem enrichment, and expanded partnerships, PlugChain will continue to provide users with a more stable and efficient blockchain infrastructure, paving the way for the widespread application of blockchain technology and jointly embracing the new era of the digital economy.

As we look back on this journey, let us salute every community member who has made a positive contribution to PlugChain. Standing at a new starting point, PlugChain will continue to work hard with everyone to build a better PlugChain community

PlugChain takes the aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol as the core, integrates the advantages of high performance, high expansion, low gas!

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PlugChain takes the aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol as the core, integrates the advantages of high performance, high expansion, low gas!