Strongly breaking the new public chain, PlugChain leads the new trend of the Web3.0 era!

When the development of the Web world enters the stage of 3.0, the main features of data can be confirmed and tradable. As the boundary of reshaping reality and economic and social activities in the digital space and achieving the future era of the Internet, Web 3.0 has resolutely become the backbone of many institutions and large enterprises. A battleground.

As we all know, in the era of Web 2.0, the centralized platform has absolute control over the user identity information and data information stored on the platform. In the era of Web 3.0, distributed digital identities make it possible for users to control their own identity management information, and can use this information to authenticate and log in to any platform and program.

Web 3.0 will reshape the boundaries of economic and social activities in reality and digital space, and promote the integrated development of physical and digital industries. In this context, PlugChain is committed to promoting the Web3.0 era, allowing users to quickly integrate into Web3.0 and become newcomers in the new era.

Current blockchain architectures cannot be seamlessly connected to form a single island. The biggest obstacle in the transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0 is the data channel problem. If the transfer of data from the Web2.0 world to Web3.0 is realized, it is an important issue to promote the development of the Web3.0 world. The realization of cross-chain technology is the top priority of research in the field of blockchain today. How the Internet of Value can be called a “net” instead of a set of parallel lines requires various cross-chain technologies. The aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol can solve the data channel problem, and can help global users lower the threshold of Web3.0 participation, spread the value of Web3.0 in the form of DAO, and promote the development of Web3.0 to benefit more participants.

With the mission of “Building Web3.0 and opening a new journey in the Metaverse Era” and the value of “Joining Hands to Innovate and Create the Future”, PlugChain is committed to developing, updating, upgrading and tracking various cross-chain technologies, and promoting Web2.0 to Web3.0 The historical process of building the whole universe DAO ecology. PlugChain will build a global public chain open platform by building an aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol. With its advanced concepts, advanced technical architecture and extraordinary foresight, PlugChain will build the world’s leading new Web3.0 value system. .

The PlugChain application system involves games, social networking, content, consumption, and more integrated production and life experiences that combine online and offline, enabling users to enter the digital era of the Internet. In addition, the PlugChain application ecology has layouts in DAO (and tools), privacy, applications, storage and data, games, creator economic platforms, social and other sub-tracks, covering all areas of Web2.0.

At present, the PlugChain application system has formed a diverse ecosystem covering DeFi, tools, storage, NFT and other fields, and is committed to building a bridge between Web3.0 and the Metaverse, in order to shorten the distance between the encrypted world and products in the Internet era. At the same time, it also allows more people to more easily access and use encrypted assets or decentralized applications in the financial field.

Under the background of the wave of digital assets sweeping the world, after a long period of development, PlugChain has formed a mature ecosystem and is committed to building a world-class cross-blockchain service platform, promoting the digitization of the world and benefiting the future of mankind.



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