$PLUGCN to be listed on BitMart!

Dear PLUG Chain fans,

Well, you asked for it, you got it!
We are elated to announce that PLUGCN will be officially listed on BitMart!

Check out this official tweet by BitMart:

BitMart’s Global Ranking on CoinGecko


BitMart is ranked 26th in the world amongst all exchanges according to the ranking at CoinGecko.

According to CoinGecko, BitMart has a 24h Trading Volume of $876,720,365 USD, approx. 550 coins listed and more than 656 trading pairs.

On BitMart’s official website, they are proud of announce that they have served 5 million users and provided fast, secure, and professional crypto trading services since 2017 and has a user base of 9M users

What does it mean for PLUG Chain Fans?

It will mean that more people will get to know PLUGChain and read our utility and understand our project when we get listed on more exchanges.

Congratulations all PLUGCN holders.

We have reached an ATH of $0.30, an increase of 30,000% since launch.
(This certainly did not aged well, as the last similar announcement we were only at 0.06%)

Minor Resistance

Surely we faced some resistance as early investors started to sell and take some profit, but this is all inevitable as part of a LEGIT crypto project, anyone can buy or sell.

Once DEX is launched, projects will be built on PLUGChain and PLUGCN will be used as the gas fee. An illustrative example would be how Binance has their Binance Smart Chain and uses BNB as the gas, PLUGChain will have PLUGCN used as the gas fee.

The potential of our project is limitless. Stay tuned as we develop further.
We welcome developers who have a passion for blockchain to develop their applications on PLUGChain.

About Plugchain

Plugchain is an open-source layer 0 blockchain with a low gas fee and high performance coupled with fast transaction speed. Primarily built for cross-chain use,it allows intercommunication among public chain intelligent contracts such as Polkadot, BSC and Heco through cross-chain technology. The framework of Plugchain include Application layer, Service Layer, Data layer, Network layer and Bottom layer.

To learn more about Plugchain , Please join Plugchain social Networks:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/OfficialPLUGChain
Telegram: https://t.me/plugchain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Plugchainclub?s=09
Medium: https://officialplugchain.medium.com/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PlugChain/




An open-source layer 0 blockchain with a low gas fee ($PLUGCN) & high performance, Plug Chain’s designed for cross-chain usage with strong Asia Tech community.

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Official Plug Chain™

Official Plug Chain™

An open-source layer 0 blockchain with a low gas fee ($PLUGCN) & high performance, Plug Chain’s designed for cross-chain usage with strong Asia Tech community.

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