PlugChain, the most valuable public chain in 2023: creating a new wave of decentralized oracles!

With the emergence of new formats in the Metaverse, digital assets have become an important part of property. Digital currency has gradually become a global form of currency. More and more people choose to use digital assets, and global encrypted digital assets are also ushering in a sharp growth. Obviously, digital assets will be the core “assets” of new finance, benefiting from the social characteristics of zero marginal cost, which can increase the overall net rate of return.

As a digital asset of the underlying technology, the value of the blockchain is huge, waiting for global users to develop. However, the encryption market still lacks valuable technology or ecology to tap the potential of digital assets. As a member of the mainstream public chain, PlugChain relies on its own technology to cut into the oracle field and provides an entrance: a bridge and window for data on and off the blockchain, and an intermediary that provides real data services for the blockchain.

Security, Ease of Use, Decentralization

We know security is the cost of gaining control of your network, and usually real world assets are anchored in the design of the consensus mechanism. For example, the proof-of-work mechanism (PoW) anchors computing power. Ease of use is the low performance of the blockchain caused by processing data. The main reason is that each transaction must be consistent across all nodes.

Therefore, decentralization means having a large number of nodes participating in block production and verification. Generally, the more nodes there are, the higher the degree of decentralization. PlugChain can guarantee decentralization in the oracle network, ensuring security and ease of use. Aggregate data from multiple independent nodes to ensure tamper-proof and high availability when the oracle transmits data to the smart contract. Obtain data from multiple high-quality data providers to ensure data quality and improve the level of decentralization at the data source level.

PlugChain creates a new financial format!

PlugChain is committed to building a bridge between Web2 and Web3, starting from Web3.0 traffic, and building a world-leading Web3.0 full ecosystem through the aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol. PlugChain advocates that everything is born for Web3.0 applications. Any Internet user can directly access Web3.0 and carry out related activities through PlugChain without any centralized APP or Dapp. In addition, PlugChain will gather Web3.0 traffic, open Web3.0 applications to users all over the world, and present them to users in a simple way of participation.

Users can freely roam between multiple platform applications in PlugChain’s Web3.0 full ecosystem, without being restricted by any platform, and enjoy the massive functions of various DApps. Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, GameFi, public chain and other technologies and application scenarios are becoming more mature, objectively forming a global market for digital asset value exchange. With the advent of the Web3.0 era, driven by the distributed technology represented by the blockchain, from the decentralized point-to-point ledger experiment to the decentralized smart contract platform, countless new applications (Dapp), DeFi, GameFi Formed a “financial service” in the digital world, and NFT accelerated the on-chain of assets.

It is not difficult to see that oracles have created a new era in Web3.0, ready to surpass the ideas and functions of the past. Although there is still little discussion on the emerging applications of oracles in Web3.0, with the technical plan and the transition from Web3. A major contribution to Web3.0. Let’s wait and see what surprises PlugChain can bring to the market in 2023!



An open-source layer 0 blockchain with a low gas fee ($PLUGCN) & high performance, Plug Chain’s designed for cross-chain usage with strong Asia Tech community.

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An open-source layer 0 blockchain with a low gas fee ($PLUGCN) & high performance, Plug Chain’s designed for cross-chain usage with strong Asia Tech community.