PlugChain September Report (09/01–09/30)

Dear PlugChain community partners:

Today, we release the September report of PlugChain, which is divided into three sections as follows


1. On September 2, PlugChain and Lbank jointly held the first anniversary carnival of PlugChain, inviting 200 lucky users to share 100000 PCs

2. On September 3, PlugChain participated in the Telegram activity of “Exploring New Opportunities of Web3.0 Public Chain” officially held by Lbank. The total number of community participants reached 90000;

3. On September 5, PlugChain established PlugLabs. As the exclusive organization for cooperation between PlugChain and external projects in ecology, brand, strategy, investment, incubation and other fields, PlugLabs will give full play to its industrial advantages, actively explore high-quality ecological project cooperation, and promote the ecological development of the PlugChain public chain;

4. On September 8, JOEY, the head of PLUG LINK FUND, was invited to participate in the Twitter Space hosted by Torah Network. At the meeting, JOEY said that distributed storage is an indispensable part of Web3.0 and provides a perfect solution for data storage. The aggregative cross — chain oracle public chain PlugChain provides new ideas on how to tap the ecological value of data on the chain and connect the reality and blockchain data transmission;

5. On September 15, the new official website of PlugChain was launched, bringing users more amazing enjoyment and better business with the new UI. PlugChain will take the converged cross- chain oracle as its core business, actively explore the way to seamlessly link Web3.0 and Web2.0, and become the next generation infrastructure of Web3.0;

6. On September 21, the official PlugChain wallet Cosmo was officially renamed Pando. This upgrade of the wallet brand not only brings a new visual effect, but also makes the interaction of the wallet more smooth. In the future, it will continue to optimize the functional design, improve the product experience, and bring users better encrypted digital asset management services;

7. On September 23, the height of PlugChain block exceeded 6 million, and PlugChain entered a new stage. In the future, with the exploration and interaction of more and more participants, PlugChain will continue to optimize its performance and promote the development of the blockchain based on ecology;

8. On September 23, PlugLabs, a subsidiary of PlugChain, obtained the strategic investment of Monday Capital, and the amount has not been officially announced. PlugChain will provide blockchain technology services for Monday Capital, while Monday Capital will help ecological construction for the PlugChain introduction project;

9. On September 26, the official cross — chain bridge GxSwap brand and functions of PlugChain were upgraded. On the brand, the official cross- chain bridge CosmoWap was officially renamed GxSwap. GxSwap completed the V1.0 function upgrade, added liquidity [Add and Remove] function and browser to the platform, opened the token exchange function, and rapidly improved the token liquidity;

10. On September 28, PlugLabs, a subsidiary of PlugChain, officially entered into a strategic partnership with RbC Office. RbC Office will provide PlugChain with more high-quality projects, and PlugLabs will provide projects with services such as blockchain underlying technology, ecological project incubation scheme, and help the ecological development of the PlugChain public chain;

11. On September 29, the active address of PlugChain exceeded 50K. With the improvement of the public chain’s performance, the activities on the chain became frequent, marking that PlugChain entered a new stage of development. In the future, with the support of high-quality ecological projects, PlugChain will develop better.


1. On September 2, the mobile ore pool development/docking business was started

2. On September 7, Swap was tested and optimized;

3. On September 11, complete the development/docking of PRC20 contract tokens and contract storage;

4. On September 13, set up the osmosis node to interface with the IBC protocol of osmosis;

5. On September 15, start the interface development/docking business of NFT trading platform;

6. On September 20, create PC trading pool;

7. On September 28, the new version of GxSwap was tested to improve interaction performance.


The official Twitter of PlugChain has 105.3K tweets displayed, 272K visits to the personal homepage, and 9,950 tweets retweeted, covering 340k users.


September was an unusual month for PlugChain. We continued the brand upgrade journey in August, the official wallet Pando and the official cross-chain bridge GxSwap were upgraded. At the same time, our block height also exceeded 6 million. It has been favored by many institutions, and has also received ecological support from high-quality projects. In the future, we will continue to work hard to build PlugChain into a leading aggregated cross-chain oracle public chain!



An open-source layer 0 blockchain with a low gas fee ($PLUGCN) & high performance, Plug Chain’s designed for cross-chain usage with strong Asia Tech community.

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An open-source layer 0 blockchain with a low gas fee ($PLUGCN) & high performance, Plug Chain’s designed for cross-chain usage with strong Asia Tech community.