PlugChain official and the Hong Kong Government, as well as the Asian Blockchain Consortium, the Asian Blockchain Association Society, and the Hong Kong Blockchain Association are deeply cooperating and will co-organize the official Web3 Hackathon event.

Official Plug Chain™
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PlugChain official team is collaborating with the Hong Kong government, as well as the Asia Blockchain Alliance, the Asian Blockchain Association, and the Hong Kong Blockchain Association to jointly organize the official Web3 hackathon event.

The event aims to promote the development of Web3 technology in Hong Kong, stimulate innovative thinking and team collaboration, cultivate local Web3 technology talents, and promote the development of the Web3 technology industry.

To further promote the development of Web3 technology in Hong Kong, this hackathon invites various participants, including Hong Kong college students, entrepreneurs, software developers, security experts, and others. The event will be conducted online and divided into two main sections: creative competition and skill training. Participants will propose innovative products based on various themes.

In addition, a series of skill trainings related to Web3 technology application and network security will be held during the event, including cryptography, secure programming, network protocol analysis, etc., to help participants improve their skills.

The hackathon has set up a large prize pool and multiple awards. The awards will be determined by judges based on various dimensions to form the final score. The winners will not only receive generous prizes provided by the organizers but also have the opportunity to participate in internships and exchange ideas with industry experts. Participating in the Web3 hackathon will help enhance public understanding of Web3 technology and its applications in Hong Kong.

This event is expected to discover and cultivate outstanding local technology talents and provide strong support for the development of technology innovation in Hong Kong, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the local industry towards the Web3 industry. We look forward to the positive impact of this event and hope to continue promoting similar activities in the future, making greater contributions to the development of Web3.

PlugChain is a Web3.0 public chain with core advantages of high concurrency, scalability, and security. By building an aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol and embedding an on-chain AI system, the company is committed to intelligent application scenarios with high-performance information data exchange.

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Official Plug Chain™

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