PlugChain March Report (03/01–03/31)

3 min readApr 24, 2024

Dear PlugChain community members,

Hello everyone! Today, we are excited to release the PlugChain March report. Let’s take a look at the new developments in PlugChain throughout February! The macro and cycle, the future path of the rising crypto!


On March 4th, the PlugChain technical team established communication with CelerNetwork to build cross-chain ecological connections between EVM and non-EVM systems. They also focused on Ethereum’s next upgrade plan, which implies a new narrative.

On March 10th, PlugChain was invited to participate in the Southeast Asia Blockchain Conference (SEABC), held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This event, the first to focus on the Southeast Asia region, attracted over 5000 participants including innovators, enthusiasts, investors, leaders, and global media partners. They came together to discuss the future of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and Web3.

From March 13th to March 16th, the PlugChain technical team successfully guided the Gamifi project at the ICC Camp in Singapore, a well-known Web3 game accelerator. This program invited elite mentors from the Web3 industry and gaming track, bringing together 31 participating students for a four-day Web3 game acceleration course and learning journey.

On March 23rd, PlugChain was invited to participate in the “Equatorial Celebration, Golden Electronic Music Festival” in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This Web3 industry electronic music exchange party gathered Web3 industry professionals to exchange industry information and wealth of knowledge.

From 21st to March 24th, PlugChain was invited to participate in a series of events at ETHTaipei 2024 in Taipei, China, alongside internationally renowned teams and developers. They discussed current EVM-related topics focusing on ZK, DeFi, Security, and other hot topics. The event featured experts from the Ethereum Foundation, Perpetual Protocol, and other well-known teams, covering topics such as Ethereum upgrades, MEV, Layer2, DeFi, oracles, AI information security, and more, allowing the industry to share insights and spark more ideas.


Introduction of protobuf structure:

Enhance the efficiency and reliability of data transmission.

Update data collection for the language module.

Oracle generation module:

Research and development of oracle algorithms.

Optimization of oracle data analysis.

AI algorithm integration and optimization


On March 7th: PlugChain community ambassadors participated in the X Space event “Web3+AI Narratives in the Bull Market?” hosted by Web3Labs. They discussed with senior industry experts and venture capital leaders how AI is driving development in Web3 and its impact on the industry.

On March 10th: PlugChain community ambassadors joined the X Space event “Depin+AI: The Biggest Narratives of 2024” hosted by Port3Network. They discussed the new narrative developments of Depin and AI with technical experts and notable Web3 investment fund managers.

On March 14th: PlugChain Taiwan ambassador participated in the X Space event “AI+Crypto: Dual Drivers of the New Bull Market” hosted by AI+Crypto Studio. They explored the factors accelerating this wave of the bull market and how project teams and ecosystem partners are preparing for it.

On March 20th: PlugChain community ambassadors engaged in the X Space event “Building Your Own Application Chain from Ethereum Layer2 to Cosmos SDK” hosted by dYdX. Together with the dYdX Foundation’s Asia-Pacific regional head, they discussed the ecosystem development of different applications under Ethereum Layer2 and Cosmos SDK in the public chain.

Conclusion:This month, PlugChain has achieved significant milestones in blockchain technology advancement and community collaboration, reaffirming its position as an industry innovator. Through collaborations and participation in various activities, we have deepened our research into on-chain/off-chain data connections and enhanced our global influence. Technologically, the introduction of Protobuf data structures and optimizations to the oracle module have further improved data processing efficiency and reliability. On the community front, PlugChain ambassadors actively participated in discussions and events, showcasing our technical strengths and solutions. We believe PlugChain will continue to work with global partners to drive innovation and application of blockchain technology, contributing more to the ecosystem’s development.

PlugChain takes the aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol as the core, integrates the advantages of high performance, high expansion, low gas!

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PlugChain takes the aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol as the core, integrates the advantages of high performance, high expansion, low gas!