PlugChain launches the Star Rise Plan to build a sustainable Web3.0 era!

With the rise of the new generation of information science and technology, blockchain plays an important role in the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. With the widespread implementation of blockchain applications, blockchain technologies such as smart contracts, big data, and AI have become more mature. Blockchain technology and finance, supply chain, medical care, law, people’s livelihood, education, copyright, public welfare, etc. The integration is also closer, and the blockchain industry is in a stage of vigorous development.

PlugChain launched Star Rise in order to encourage more high-quality ecological projects to be included in our global ecological construction or developer participants to build DApps and other infrastructure on the fast, secure, and license-free PlugChain network, thereby promoting the implementation of the Web3.0 ecological scene Plan, together with the participants in practice, continuously promotes the realization of Web3.0.

The Plug Chain Star Rise Plan has outstanding advantages, and the funding and dimensions are rare in the industry

In order to provide a more suitable “new soil” for high-quality on-chain project developers, PlugChain attracts more participants through the Star Rise Plan. PlugChain will provide multi-faceted support for the various needs of high-quality projects, create value for the construction of the public chain, and enable the rapid development of the entire public chain ecology. Support will include, but not limited to, support at four levels: financial support, strategic support, advertising support, and traffic support.

What are the advantages of PlugChain? Why do participants lock in PlugChain among the vast number of industry competitors?

Mainly in the following aspects: first, PlugChain provides pot building investment and project capital investment, and introduces VCs to participants; second, PlugChain has received joint marketing support from Twitter Space, AMA, seminars, etc., and has strong market power; Third, PlugChain can provide participants with global community input, and expand publicity for participants’ projects in official newsletters and media platforms; Fourth, at the technical level of code auditing, underlying technology, and development language development framework, PlugChain provides participants with Full support. The advantages of PlugChain are far more than the above. Only by participating in the Shining Star Project can you truly feel the vigorous power of constantly advancing towards Web3.0.

The PlugChain community continues to advance, and the 2022 Chinese Web3.0 Exploration Summit has come to a successful conclusion

On December 23, 2022, with the support of PlugChain, the “Chinese Web3.0 Exploration Summit and the First Asian Chinese Encryption Week” hosted by PlugLabs and Now4 Capital was successfully held in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan. With the theme of “Chinese Web3.0’s Impact on the Encryption World”, the conference focused on Web3.0 and brought together the most influential Chinese encryption teams, experts and scholars, media organizations, industry insiders and other multi-dimensional co-constructors to gather in Xishuangbanna to start a high-level conference. The brainstorming of thought density promotes the exchange and cooperation of Chinese Web3.0 practitioners, and promotes the continuous expansion of the PlugChain community.

With the continuous improvement of PlugChain’s diversified ecological system in the development, the door of the metaverse is opened in the Web3.0 era, allowing the blockchain encryption world to enter today’s Internet life, and allowing more people to join in and become PlugChain’s participants Those who embrace the new era of “decentralized” platforms together. The 2022 Chinese Web3.0 Exploration Summit has come to a successful conclusion, but it is not

It doesn’t mean the end, it’s just the beginning. PlugChain will bring more exciting Chinese Web3.0 exploration summits in 2023.

Conclusion: The ecological prosperity of the public chain is jointly promoted by the construction of developers, the support of communities and users, and the accumulation of time. Especially in the current situation where DeFi and NFT narratives are weakening, grasping the next innovation and hot spot is the key breakthrough point to bring growth. This is also the continuous iteration and optimization of PlugChain’s underlying technologies such as cross-chain and decentralized prediction opportunities. Experience and reasons for strengthening investment in ecological incubation. Although the current PlugChain ecology is lower than other mainstream public chains, its performance and strategic layout all indicate its future potential and development space.

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