PlugChain focuses on the field of decentralized oracles, and builds a “data bridge” to link Web3.0!

4 min readFeb 3, 2023

After several years of development, the technology application ecology of blockchain has accelerated its development. Decentralization is one of the well-known characteristics of blockchain. Decentralization means that in a system distributed with many nodes, each node has a high degree of autonomy and can be freely connected to each other to form new units. Any node may become a staged hub.

At present, PlugChain grasps the concept of “value decentralization”, upholds the concept of DAO, takes Web3.0 as the starting point, promotes the process of the digital age, and discovers and creates revolutionary value of the times.

01. PlugChain enters Web3, opening the door of the era!

PlugChain takes the Web3.0 traffic entrance as the starting point. The aggregate oracle protocol has the ability to serve 100+ mainstream public chains in the world. Through PlugChain cross-chain protocol, smart contract, big data, and AI technology, data input and output, and data governance process are realized. And through ONP (Oracle Network Protocol) passed to the world’s 100+ mainstream public chains, to build a bridge between Web2.0 and Web3.0. Continuously expand various DApps, serve the global high-quality DeFi, form an application system covering multiple fields such as DeFi, NFT, GameFi, SocialFi, and finally form a PlugChainWeb3.0 application system, bringing assets value-added, entertainment, and sociality to users The extraordinary experience in one allows global users to share the top dividend of Web3.0.

In addition, the PlugChain application system involves games, social networking, content, consumption, and expands to more integrated online and offline life experiences, enabling users to enter the era of the Internet where thousands of industries are digitized. It can be said that the PlugChain application ecology has a layout in DAO and tools, privacy, applications, storage and data, games, creator economic platforms, social networking and other fields, covering all areas of Web2.0.

Moreover, in the PlugChain application ecology, the virtual world in the future will weaken or disappear with the restrictions of various objective conditions in the real world, and each individual has the hope of gaining growth dividends and rediscovering and realizing self-worth in it. On the one hand, the Metaverse will bring about the accumulation and breakthrough of multi-industry technologies in the process of gradual approach. On the other hand, it will also generate new industries and social operation models in the Metaverse, bringing a new aggregate economy to mankind. With the improvement of social operation efficiency brought about by the Metaverse and the emphasis on real industries in the virtual world, individuals can expand their self-worth.

Currently, with the birth of official ecosystems such as GxSwap, Pando, and Very5, the PlugChain application system has formed a diverse ecosystem covering DeFi, wallets, cross-chain aggregators, and NFT, and is committed to building a bridge between Web3.0 and the Metaverse , while shortening the distance between the encrypted world and products in the Internet age, it also allows more people to easily access and use encrypted assets and DApps in the financial field.

02. With full firepower, PlugChain creates “Blockchain Internet”

PlugChain, as a blockchain Internet, aims to provide a technical foundation for building distributed business applications. Among them, the PlugChain network is part of the Cosmos network, and all partitions can interact with any other partition in the Cosmos network through the standard IBC protocol. By introducing a layer of service semantics into the network, an innovative solution is provided to support new business scenarios and increase the scale and diversity of the PlugChain network.

Meanwhile, at the “center” of the PlugChain network is a blockchain called PlugChain, which is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain built on top of the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint. Will be the hub connecting the universe. The PlugChain hub is equipped with a service protocol that coordinates on-chain transaction processing with off-chain data processing and business logic execution. The IBC protocol has been enhanced to facilitate off-chain services to be called across chains in some scenarios.

When the service protocol and the enhanced IBC protocol can finally be fed back into the Cosmos SDK, allowing SDK users to develop blockchains compatible with the PlugChain network. We will also provide customer-oriented SDKs for specific programming languages to facilitate the easy provision and use of off-chain services within PlugChain. It can be said that the data interaction scenario provided by PlugChain solves the core problem of the “blockchain island” in the Web2.0 era, and deserves to be the leader in the public chain cross-chain service industry.

Conclusion: The goal of Web3.0 is to achieve a more open, trustless and permissionless Internet, which obviously has endless imagination. The public chain is only the basis of Web3.0. In the future, PlugChain will continue to focus on the ultimate goal of Web3.0, launch more application services, further expand the ecology, and actively build a “data bridge” to connect to the new era of Web3.0!




PlugChain takes the aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol as the core, integrates the advantages of high performance, high expansion, low gas!