PlugChain February Biweekly Report (02/01–02/15)

3 min readFeb 16, 2023

Dear members of the PlugChain community:

PlugChain’s February bi-weekly report is launched today, and PlugChain has the following major events!

1. Operation

1. On February 1st, PlugLabs, a subsidiary of PlugChain, reached a strategic partnership with TripleLab. TripleLab is a platform focused on Web3.0 development, helping PlugChain’s ecological construction! PlugChain will provide technical services and cooperation.

2. On February 07th, PlugLabs, a subsidiary of PlugChain, reached a strategic partnership with Afflux. Afflux is located in Singapore and is a company focusing on the Web3.0 ecological incubator, helping PlugChain to build an ecosystem in the Web3.0 field, while PlugChain provides blockchain technical support services.

3. On February 09th, PlugChain explained AI: PlugChain, as a public oracle chain supporting next-generation AI infrastructure, provides a “data engine” for AI through ONP and cross-chain advantages, driving the scene transformation of Web3.0 in the AI field.

4. On February 14th, PlugLabs, a subsidiary of PlugChain, reached a strategic partnership with Lucky+. Lucky+ is a global Web3.0 data-driven distribution platform that provides PlugChain with professional data sources to facilitate ecological construction, and PlugChain provides blockchain technical support services for it.

5. On February 15th, PlugChain and Daren Market will hold a Valentine’s Day event: follow, retweet, and comment on @三世界 to participate in the lucky draw. Event time: February 14 (KST 00:01) — February 20 (KST 23:59).

2. Technology

1. wallet

-Wallet JS-SDK

-DAPP development document

-Unification of DAPP call specification


-NFT transfer

3. Community

1. On February 9th, PlugChain was invited to attend the Web3.0 Builder Meetup·Sydney station to promote the globalization of the Plug brand and explore the innovation of the new public chain of the Web3.0 trend. It is reported that the Web3.0 Builder Meetup·Sydney station is an exchange meeting for global Web3.0 Builders initiated by Observe Labs, which will discover more Web3.0 unicorns and provide exchanges, discussions, and explorations for Web3.0 Builders around the world. .0 Industrial application.

2. On February 12th, with the official support of PlugChain, the “Chinese Web3.0 Exploration Journey·Chengdu Station” hosted by PlugLabs and Now4 Capital was successfully concluded. With the theme of “Chinese Web3.0 Exploration Journey”, the conference invited the most influential Chinese encryption teams, experts, scholars, and media organizations to gather in Chengdu to discuss in-depth the theory and practice of Web3.0 innovation, and share the outstanding achievements of Web3.0. Case, promote the rapid development of the industry and promote the commercial application of Web3.0.

3. On February 15, PlugChain released a video on the theme of “AI+Oracle ”: ChatGPT turns “data” into Artificial general intelligence, and the oracle connects the “blockchain” to the real world to create ecological scenarios. It is through technology that changes the direction of industry development!

PlugChain’s official Twitter, tweet display volume 49.1K, home page visits 113K, total tweet retweet 2056, covering 275K users.

Conclusion: Generally speaking, PlugChain has innovated one after another. Not only the Chinese Web3.0 exploration tour, but also the Web3.0 Builder Meetup·Sydney station highlights the global layout of PlugChain. At the technical level, PlugChain is in a state of steady progress. After all, for public chains, technology is fundamental, and research and development and application are not a one-day effort.




PlugChain takes the aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol as the core, integrates the advantages of high performance, high expansion, low gas!