PlugChain December Monthly Report (12/01–12/31)

4 min readJan 16, 2024

Dear PlugChain Community Members,

Hello, everyone! Today, we are pleased to present the PlugChain December Report, marking the final month of 2024. Let’s take a look at the new developments in PlugChain for the month of December! Macro and cyclical, the road to the rising future of encryption!


On December 2nd, following the outbreak of Bitcoin ecological infrastructure, PlugChain’s technical team communicated with SWFT Cross-Chain Bridge. The continuous integration of cross-chain bridge technology with blockchain, bridging potential key data on and off the chain, is driving further development in the market.

On December 9th, the PlugChain Kuala Lumpur community participated in the global summit “2023 Web3 Social Transformation and Innovation,” sponsored by the well-known Web3 social app INTO. The summit focused on “Web3·Illuminating the Future” and covered various key topics, including the application of Web3 technology, Web3 social graphs, data sovereignty, and the globalization trend of social networks. The aim was to delve into the role of Web3 technology in societal transformation.

On December 13th, PlugChain entered into a strategic partnership with Wormhole, allowing community development members to expand to more than 30 blockchains with just one integration.

On December 18th, PlugChain participated in the Web3Link accelerator program. As a project selected for the Web3Link accelerator program, PlugChain not only immediately gained access to grants and investments from various major ecosystems but also received technical guidance and project support from these ecosystem officials.

On December 21st, PlugChain was invited to participate in the “Hong Kong Web3.0 Security Technology Summit and Web3.0 Annual Awards Ceremony.” While developing blockchain technology, it is crucial to protect the security of on-chain assets. PlugChain addressed this issue more effectively through oracle technology, resolving the security concerns of on-chain and off-chain data.

On December 21st, PlugChain was invited to successfully host the launch ceremony of the Accelerator Camp (ICC Camp) at the Hong Kong Web3.0 Entrepreneurs Conference and Web3.0 Security Technology Summit. PlugChain provided underlying blockchain technology support for the accelerator camp.


Data Collection Module Optimization:

1.AI Algorithm Development
2.Data Storage Optimization
3.Data Cleaning and Processing Structure Optimization
4.Customization of Privacy Policies

Oracle Generation Module:

1.Oracle Algorithm Development
2.Optimization of Oracle Data Analysis


On December 1st, PlugChain community ambassadors participated in the X Space event titled “Exploring a Brand New Bitcoin Ecosystem Starting from the First Operational Liquidity Pool of Bitcoin.” They engaged with Bitcoin ecosystem builders and renowned KOLs, collectively discussing the practical applications of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

On December 7th, PlugChain community ambassadors participated in another X Space event titled “The Rise of Multiple Inscriptions, Which One Is Your Top Choice?” where they collectively explored the mysteries of multi-chain inscriptions.

On December 14th, the PlugChain Taiwan community ambassador was invited to participate in events related to “Taipei Blockchain Week 2023.” During the blockchain week, they promoted PlugChain’s technical highlights, providing solutions for blockchain enterprises and showcasing other innovative services.

On December 22nd, PlugChain’s European community ambassador, Dan, participated in the BlockBeatsAsia X Space event titled “After 40,000, What’s the Next Trend in the Cryptocurrency Market?” where they collectively explored economic activities in the blockchain DeFi sector and the vibrant development in capital markets.

On December 29th, PlugChain community ambassadors participated in an X Space event jointly organized by Satoshi Lab and the Kong community, discussing “The Development Trends of Multi-Chain Ecosystems and Top Protocols.” They collectively explored the future forms of development trends for top protocols.

Conclusion: PlugChain achieved many exciting milestones this month, signaling its ongoing innovation in the blockchain field and significant success in community development. The active participation of PlugChain community ambassadors in various events, discussions with industry experts, and exploration of topics such as the Bitcoin ecosystem and multi-chain signatures showcase the community’s engagement. Looking forward, we anticipate that PlugChain will continue driving innovation in blockchain technology and making greater contributions to the industry’s prosperity in the coming years.

PlugChain takes the aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol as the core, integrates the advantages of high performance, high expansion, low gas!

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PlugChain takes the aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol as the core, integrates the advantages of high performance, high expansion, low gas!