Plug Chain x Synopsis Event Recap

3 min readJul 1, 2022


Dear Plug Chain fans,

On the 20th June 2022, our co-founder Mr Joey attended an event with Synopsis Events, titled —
“Crypto Winter and How to Make Money in a Bear Market? ”

For those who are interested in watching the video replay, you can watch it from this time marker here:

Below is the transcript of what occurred during the live stream:

Introduction of Mr Joey

Mr Joey introduced himself as an early investor and incubator for Plug Chain as well as being the founder for one of the early investment fund for Plug Chain called the Plug Link Fund. Mr Joey was hired as the chairman and spokesperson for Plug Chain.

Plug Chain Background Simplified

Plug Chain was launched around August 2021 and was listed within 2 weeks in one of the centralized exchanged called LBank Exchange. As for now, Plug Chain is listed in LBank,, Hotbit as well as Bitmart. These exchanges have quite high ranking in CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap in terms of exchange ranking.

Why should people support Plug Chain?

Plug Chain is a public chain that focuses on cross chain and oracle network. The development of the project is going well with EVM being launched in April and have seen tons of projects ranging from SocialFi, NFT to GameFi being launched using Plug Chain.

There are currently 40 to 50 projects aka ecosystems being launched under Plug Chain. The reason why Plug Chain is able to attract a lot of different projects to launch under Plug Chain is due to a lot of supporters over the world.

Plug Chain has achieved more than 100,000 users in our centralized system in Asia. However, not to forget, Plug Chain long ago already achieved more than 100,000 users in China. Based on the details provided by Lbank exchange, Plug Chain has more than 70,000 holders.

Plug Chain‘s DApps Attracts Projects to be build on it

At the end of April, Plug Chain’s chief IT architect managed to build the DApp function and that managed to attract a lot of projects such as Planet World (GameFi), Kingdom Infinity, Spirit Master (RPG Game), Puppy Girls (NFT GameFi).

Besides GameFi, Plug Chain also managed to onboard projects that focuses on instant messaging such as PEXT & PALK, Now4X (Similar to Twitter), MetaTok (Decentralized version of TikTok) and Sofi (Blockchain version of Tinder).

Price Movement

Plug Chain was first listed in LBank exchange at a price of 0.001 and have grown 310 times to an ATH of 0.31. Despite the bear market, Plug Chain is still maintaining at 0.02.

Plug Chain aims to have more holders

Currently there are less than 30,000 active wallet addresses in Plug Chain’s decentralized explorer. However, Plug Chain’s aim is to have more than 1 million active addresses by the end of 2022. With the presence of more ecosystems, Plug Chain is set for success in the long run.

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