Plug Chain x Planet World — “Born for Web 3.0” Asia Event

Dear Plug Chain fans,

Last weekend has been a fruitful week for Plug Chain and Planet World as we have successfully wrapped up the event “Born for Web 3.0, Designed for Metaverse” conference that is held in Asia.

On June 30, 2022, Plug Chain and Planet World jointly organized the “Born for Web 3.0, Designed for Metaverse” theme conference in Asia.

Bear Market Event — Discussions

This is a bear market event. Although the vast majority of the international community would agree with me that now is the crypto winter, the conference attracted the attention of industry insiders at home and abroad since it was organized, with the help of hundreds of industry heavyweights.

The conference was filled with many senior investors, many foundations, blockchain elites, official media and other industry giants. The discussions were focused on how Web3.0 opens the “digital awakening” in the era of the meta-universe with “international vision, strategic height and industrial dimension”, focus on the development strategy of the meta-universe, and discuss the future development process of the meta-universe industry.

Speakers talking about important changes that Web 3.0 will bring about

A famous blockchain investor in Asia, Dong Ge

At the beginning of the conference, the famous blockchain investor Dong Ge delivered a speech. He first welcomed the friends present at the scene, and then expressed his investment direction and confidence in the Web3.0 industry. He believes that the wave of Web3.0 is sweeping the world, and Web3.0 will inevitably usher in a certainty revolution, change the existing market rules and reconstruct a new pattern.

Han Feng, Blockchain Consultant of Huawei Academia Sinica

Next up, we have Han Feng, an important guest of the conference, was connected live, that is, a visitor of Columbia University, blockchain consultant of Huawei Academia Sinica, co-founder of Yilaiyun and author of “Wealth of Blockchain nations”.

Han Feng believes that Web3.0 has formed a mainstream track in the world. And said, yilai cloud in the Deep cultivation of Web3.0, the purpose is to protect everyone’s data privacy and property rights, will develop everyone has data property rights of the digital economy, let everyone’s data into their wealth. And also to the cloud’s biggest contribution, is the joint mining and bitcoin.

Mr Joey keeps the community updated on Plug Chain upcoming changes

Mr Joey, president of PlugLink foundation and chairman of PLUG foundation alliance

Next up, we have Mr Joey — president of PlugLink foundation and chairman of PLUG foundation alliance that shared more on the theme of “born for Web3.0 and the meta-universe”. Plug Chain, built with predictor + cross-chain technology + public Chain, can be extended to any area where there is a need.

At present, Plug Chain has innovative infrastructure such as smart contract Plug-in INSIDE, Wallet CosmoWallet, CosmoSwap, decentralized exchange, stable token Qian, NFT Trading Center VERY5, etc.

In addition, Plug Chain has laid out a rich landing ecology which includes Planet World, cultural attribute digital product trading center Tianfu Panda, photo social software SoFi, Socialfi+TiTok+NFT software METATOK, “Chinese history and culture node” chain tour Kingdom Infinity, blockchain instant messaging Palk&Pext, Zhangjiajie official mascot NFT authorized unit China Geographic Pulse Mobile and digital bank RopriceBank, Russian developer chain game PZV and other applications.

According to Mr Joey, all ecologies can be perfectly built based on smart contracts, and Plug Chain ecology will be fully promoted.

Mr Jin Zhao, The co-founder of PLUG Youth Fund and the co-founder of UNIMARS Mars University

Next up, we have Mr Jin Zhao, the co-founder of PLUG Youth Fund and the co-founder of UNIMARS University introduced Planet World today, explaining in detail the story line, game interface display and operation of the game

Planet World is essentially an SLG game that makes money while playing. Planet World is a virtual and real world based on the metaverse and social ecology to realize the ground scene of the interstellar world. The whole story revolves around 2076, when the earth environment is destroyed, human beings explore a new Planet and create their own World on the new Planet. They can not only experience the fun of the game, but also gain profits in the game.

Heidy, Jun, Huang Bo and Zhou Jie

The first round of open discussion was hosted by Blockchain investor Heidy, Blockchain investor Jun, Monday Capital Huang Bo, and Bay Area metauniverse communication Ambassador Zhou Jie where they had a fierce exchange of views on the topic of “how infrastructure can achieve Web3.0”.

At present, the global Web3 field is in the initial stage of explosion, a large number of API, predictor, storage, streaming media, broadband and other infrastructure service providers are vigorously developing, the guests for these important infrastructure, expressed their views on how to build a real sense of Web3.0 scene in the future.

Afterwards, the panelists also talked about what kind of Web3.0 infrastructure areas they will choose as their preferred track, and discussed, through their professional judgment, how they will complete the layout of some Web3 infrastructure in a few years, and what kind of Web3.0 world view they will give to the world.

Tao Zi, Wang Jian, Yang Mingyuan, Sun Yongqian

The second round of open discussion was hosted by Tao Zi, founding partner of GCC Gold Chain Capital, Wang Jian, founding partner of Westlabs, Yang Mingyuan, investor of Earth Superman Association, and Sun Yongqiang, founder of GCC Gold Chain Capital.

The guests made wonderful remarks centering on the theme of “New paradigm of Play to Earn in the meta-universe”, shared the meaning of X to earn for the guests, listed why X to earn is the inevitable trend of global Internet users in the future, and put forward some subjective reform opinions on the current X to Earn.

This brings the “Born for Web 3.0, Designed for Metaverse” conference to a close. Through in-depth technical discussion, thorough industry analysis and vivid application scenarios, the guests that attended the event all learned something from these discussion.

Plug Chain and Planet World will leverage their strengths to bring the metaverse to the masses of web3.0. With step by step innovation, we will gradually expand the boundaries of exploration, leading the public to the Era of Web3.0.

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