Plug Chain Live AMA Streaming with Planet World Recap (Part 3)

This live stream will be bilingual, in English and Mandarin, however, this writeup will be in English targeted at international users so that they can understand better.

Watch the part 3 replay from this time marker here:

During the live stream, a lot of users gave their feedback for Planet World to enhance their social media awareness on platforms such as Discord and also strengthen their updates on Twitter.

Platforms like Discord are suitable for GameFi projects with sub channels for each specific purpose, be it for announcements, to discuss general matters or NFT related topic for users.

Planet World also have plans to provide a A-Z gaming tutorial for international users to understand step-by-step on how to navigate Planet World.

Users can also find the liquidity pool information from the bottom left pie chart button that shows DHW2 Pool (30% Daily).
It is revealed that 70% of the pool belongs to the resources that the players generate while 30% is allocated as dividend based on the users’ factories level. Higher level factories will get a higher dividend.

According to Mr Jin Zhao, the first round of dividends have already been paid out to existing players. 5* factory owners have each gotten 96 DHW2 tokens at $20 per token which is equivalent to around $2,000 USD.
The dividends will be paid out every 3 days.

Planet World also reveals plans to list in centralized exchanges by end of 2022. Users are encouraged to ask questions directly to Planet World’s Twitter where Planet World’s staff might provide you with more information and personal guidance from time to time.

The second phase of the upgrade of Planet World’s game will evolve by having each of these special characters as an independent NFT for players to own. Having these NFT will increase production rate which also means that you will be able to collect more resources and get stronger quicker.
These NFTs are deemed as limited to ensure increase competitiveness among players.

The NFT segment will not be launched on Opensea instead it will be launched on a new platform under Plug Chain called “Verify”. Players are able to sell their NFTs inside Planet World before the launch of “Verify” exchange.

There will also be a SocialFi ecosystem where players can interact with each other and discuss strategies on how to play the game.

The entire Planet World is built on a story line concept where by sometime far in the future, Planet Earth will be inhabitable and humans have to try to find their means to live on other Planets, eventually creating a dramatic fight for resources.

If you are interested in Planet World’s story line, you can visit their Telegram group here where the admin managing Telegram will release the story in parts over the next few weeks.

As of now, Planet World still looks basic and old school and cannot be compared side-by-side with the current gaming experience available in the traditional gaming markets. This is because every single data, resources will be recorded on chain and in future more upgrades will be released.

However, do not forget the fact that Planet World, even though not as polished as other traditional top tier games, it provides good returns and financial gains.

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An open-source layer 0 blockchain with a low gas fee ($PLUGCN) & high performance, Plug Chain’s designed for cross-chain usage with strong Asia Tech community.