Plug Chain Live AMA Streaming with Planet World Recap (Part 2)

This live stream will be bilingual, in English and Mandarin, however, this writeup will be in English targeted at international users so that they can understand better.

Watch the part 2 replay from this time marker here:

GameFi & Current Economic Situation

In the current economic situation whereby people are hungry for money, Planet World GameFi enables you to achieve a Play-To-Earn by staying at home and playing the game right in the comfort of your bed.

Current Planet World Development

As of now there are 7 planets also known as servers and only 4 of them are active. There is also a possibility that there will be a cross server battle that heightens the experience of Play-To-Earn.

Planet World is still in the early stages. There are several interesting functions such as plundering resources and as the game develop furthers, players are also able to upgrade their defence and offense abilities to plunder other people’s resources or defend against others that are trying to plunder yours.

Planet World Future Development
In the future, there might have further upgrade to the game that will include missiles, cars, guns and other interesting developments that we will be seeing from the game.

We seek our community’s understanding to be patient as the ecosystem develops further. The team is working hard to build the game by prevent bugs before they release any further functionalities.

Plug Chain reveals plans to launch stable coin
Mr Joey also reveals that Plug Chain has plans to launch a stablecoin called $QIAN so that the price of PLUGCN doesn’t get affected tremendously in the event of any ecosystem achieving a spike in price and the users from other ecosystem starts swap to PLUGCN in order to cash out in the centralized exchanges that PLUGCN is listed in.

Estimated date will be end of June 2022.

Planet World Game Experience

Here’s a feel of how Planet World GameFi looks like.
Planet World developers also reveals their plan to build a step-by-step guideline on how to navigate and how to operate the game so that international users can be clear on how to play.

How to play Planet World?

You need to use Cosmo Wallet’s DApp and enter

Enter the address in Cosmo Wallet APP browser or install Cosmo Wallet browser chrome extension and type in the URL directly in the search bar)

DHW2 is only available in Cosmo Wallet and you will be able to login only using Cosmo Wallet (not metamask)

Players can harvest different types of resources from different planets. Think of it as different factions where players can choose which faction to join.

Selecting your nodes

After you select which planet (faction) to start in, you will be able to choose your nodes. It is similar to traditional games where by you have to select your server. Think of the nodes as different servers.

There are 134 plots of lands for players to build their base. Each plot enables players to build a single factory. Players are then able to hire a thief to plunder the resources of other players’ factories.

To be able to collect your resources, you have to purchase PLUGCN and swap to Planet World’s token — DHW2 in Cosmo Wallet which will be used as Planet World’s game currency. There are four different resources from each planet and 1 resource is equivalent to 1 DHW2, in the ratio of 1:1.

Hiring Special Characters — Financial Tycoon

Financial Tycoon will boost factories’ overall production by 1% and it will be upgradable. A maxed out financial tycoon will increase overall production by a maximum of 10%.

Hiring Special Characters — Galaxy Predator

Also known as the “thief”, the galaxy predator enables you to plunder other players’ factories.

Hiring Special Characters —Federal Protector

The federal protector also acts as a “police enforcer” to stop other players from plundering your resources.

Hiring Special Characters — Union Manager

The game requires you to collect your resources every 3 hours which a lot of players find it impossible to do so.
The union manager acts as an assistant to allow you to auto collect resources every 3 hours. Having this character will enable you to be in auto pilot mode so that you will not lose out.

Second Phase of Planet World Upgrade

The second phase of the upgrade of Planet World’s game will evolve each special character as an independent NFT for players to own. Having these NFT will increase production rate which also means that you will be able to collect more resources and get stronger quicker.

2 conditions for you to progress faster in Planet World

1. Factory

You are able to upgrade your factory a total of 15 times.
A level 1 factory enables you to hire 4 workers.
A level 15 factory enables to you hire a maximum of 60 workers.
This also means that the more workers you have, the faster the production rate

2. Energy Consumption

Factories requires energy (electricity) to work.
10% of the harvest collection will be used to pay for the electricity bill in order for the factories to function.

Stay tuned for part 3 of the transcript of Plug Chain x Planet World AMA

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Official Plug Chain™

An open-source layer 0 blockchain with a low gas fee ($PLUGCN) & high performance, Plug Chain’s designed for cross-chain usage with strong Asia Tech community.

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