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2 min readMay 26, 2022


Dear Plug Chain fans,

We are excited to announce interesting development updates, so pay attention to this article!

Smart Contract Online

With Plug Chain’s smart contract being online, some DApps have already been built based on the smart contract of Plug Chain. This can be seen from

You can find some of the ecosystems that are built on Plug Chain HERE

Hard Fork to reduce gas fees

A proposal to reduce gas fees was launched on May 11, which will take effect on May 25.

A hard fork was done recently to reduce gas fee of $PLUGCN from 0.002 to 0.0005 $PLUGCN.

The real fee deduction formula of pvm transaction, js implementation Currently:(GasUsed * GasPrice) / 1000000

After v1.5 upgrade: (Math.ceil((GasLimit * GasPrice) / 1000) — Math.trunc((GasLimit — GasUsed)*GasPrice / 1000)) / 1000000

This is confirmed by the twitter updates from our chief technical officer HERE

Centralized Exchanges have to update

We launched a proposal to reduce the Gas fee on the chain and the new proposal will be implemented on May 25th.When the height of the block reaches 4152263, the Exchange node also needs to be updated!

Exchanges that have listed $PLUGCN might go under maintenance temporarily to also reflect the changes. Please do not panic and pay close attention to the announcement by the centralized exchanges that you are using to trade $PLUGCN!

Friendly Gas fees for DApp Developers

With new gas fees set in place, it will attract DApp Developers to build their DApps on Plug Chain due to low cost and entry barriers.
Interested Developers can write in to

DEX will be online soon

Decentralized Exchange (DEX) (http://BTC.SO) built on Plug Chain will also be online soon. Estimated date of completion — by end of June.

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