Plug Chain is officially audited by Armors Labs!

Dear Plug Chain fans,

Our community has been asking us regarding a security audit of Plug Chain. We have some exciting news for you.
Plug Chain is now officially audited by Armors Labs!

You can verify it on Armors Labs’ Official Twitter here:

You can also find the verification status here:

Background of Armors Labs

Simple explaniner video of what they do :

Decentralized Security Ecology for Blockchain
Introduced themselves as the world’s leading blockchain security laboratory, Armors solutions extend from the smart contract eco-platform to the overall blockchain security.

Armors Labs is the world’s top smart contract security lab and they provide audits for ecological platform of the smart contract and ensuring the whole block chain security

Problems with Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are face with problems with upgrading if it is released with bugs and security risks. Frequent bugs in exchanges and wallet apps has impacted the security of investors’ assets.

Smart Contract Automation Audit

Armors Labs utilises their Smart Contract Automation Audit (SCIT) by providing 3 layers of continuous manual review to ensure security of contract.

Smart Contract Operation Monitoring

Armors Labs also provides Smart Contract Operation Monitoring that uses AI and machine learning to analyse business logic of smart contract and to discover abnormal running state in time with their smart early warning system that triggers an alarm

Armors Labs’ Partners

As you can see, Armors Labs partnered with major players like Huobi, Kucoin, Binance and even Metamask. This shows that Armors Labs is a trusted firm for security audits to ensure that things go smooth and no security breaches.

What does it mean for the Plug Chain community?

With a reputable firm that has provided an audit on Plug Chain, investors can have a peace of mind knowing that they investment assets are safe and secure without security breaches. You can get a copy of the smart contract audit by typing audit in the telegram group.

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An open-source layer 0 blockchain with a low gas fee ($PLUGCN) & high performance, Plug Chain’s designed for cross-chain usage with strong Asia Tech community.

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Official Plug Chain™

Official Plug Chain™

An open-source layer 0 blockchain with a low gas fee ($PLUGCN) & high performance, Plug Chain’s designed for cross-chain usage with strong Asia Tech community.

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