Plug Chain burned 74% of circulation

2 min readApr 26, 2022

Dear Plug Chain fans,

Plug Chain main chain token “PLUGCN” has complete destroying 13 billion tokens, accounting for 74% of the circulation.

Here are the transaction IDs for PLUGCN destruction






What does it mean when Plug Chain burned the circulating supply?

Plug Chain is a transparent project as it is.
We have burned 74% of the circulation that will result in foundation having little tokens on hand.

With little tokens that the foundation holds, it is impossible for a dump to occur. This is to give investors a peace of mind.

The Golden Question: When PLUGCN pump?

Holders of PLUGCN has to understand that the main focus of Plug Chain right now is eco building. Without eco, even if there is a pump, it will not last.

The ecology is staking. With more users staking their PLUGCN, the likelihood of pump is higher.

We cannot stop if community decide to sell when they do not understand fully what is going on.

About Plugchain

Plug Chain is an open-source layer 0 blockchain with a low gas fee and high performance coupled with fast transaction speed. Primarily built for cross-chain use,it allows intercommunication among public chain intelligent contracts such as Polkadot, BSC and Heco through cross-chain technology. The framework of Plugchain include Application layer, Service Layer, Data layer, Network layer and Bottom layer.

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PlugChain takes the aggregated cross-chain oracle protocol as the core, integrates the advantages of high performance, high expansion, low gas!