New plan! GxSwap cross-chain bridge has been upgraded

In the last year, PlugChain focused on the ecological construction of the public chain. Both the official wallet and the official cross-chain bridge have been launched, which is a process of self-improvement.

On September 26, PlugChain’s official cross-chain bridge GxSwap has been upgraded in both brand and function. The official cross-chain bridge CosmoSwap was renamed GxSwap. In addition, GxSwap has completed the V1.0 function upgrade, the platform has added a liquidity [add and remove] function and a browser, and opened the token exchange function, which improves the liquidity of the token.

We all know that liquidity has been the biggest concern for new projects since the emergence of the DeFi economy. To enhance liquidity, GxSwap supports any two PRC20 tokens to create liquidity pools. A new routing protocol is added, which no longer requires a PC as an intermediate token to facilitate the exchange process. It can provide users with the best exchange path through the optimal path algorithm according to the user’s transaction situation. The functions such as redemption and browser have also been upgraded.

The upgrade of GxSwap will improve the ecology of PlugChain DeFi. In the future, GxSwap will integrate more public chains to realize multi-chain interoperability transactions. It is committed to becoming an industry-leading decentralized cross-chain bridge and empowering the development of DeFi.

Although DeFi is undergoing iteration, PlugChain has fully demonstrated its determination to upgrade. The generation of each application will integrate various ecosystems, and each upgrade of PlugChain brings value and opportunities to the DeFi ecosystem.

As the pioneer of the new public chain, PlugChain has developed a relatively mature ecosystem and high-quality projects after a year of development, and has accumulated a large scale and high popularity. This brand upgrade not only makes the brand positioning clearer, but also makes the internal ecology of GxSwap and Pando continue to develop, which is conducive to giving full play to their respective advantages and providing users with high-quality ecology and services. In the future, the volume of DeFi will continue to grow, the DeFi ecosystem in various public chains and layer 2 will continue to develop, and cross-chain asset exchange will become a real rigid demand. As a brand-new interactive 3.0 experience, GxSwap will break through the “last mile” of the DeFi ecosystem and complete the cross-chain exchange between PlugChain and other mainstream public chains, so that users no longer need to go through a centralized platform to achieve low prices Threshold, free and transparent exchange of assets, obtain ecological opportunities of different public chains, and realize the free, convenient and efficient ecological interaction of Web3.0.



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