Information You Need to Know from the Christmas AMA (Part 1)

4 min readJan 5, 2022

On 25 December 2021, Plug Chain had an AMA session hosted by one of the Chairman of the various Plug Chain communities in Asia. This session was so insightful and relaxing that it was tagged “Joey Live TalkShow”.

It provided Plug Chain users with the latest information on what to expect from the growing Asian ecosystem. Especially with the dawn of the new year, users were eager to know the price projection for PlugCN, but this AMA session did more than provide a price projection for the year 2022. It gave insight into the development in the Plug Chain ecosystem, especially with relation to airdrops in 2022.

Therefore, this article will highlight some of the key points from the Christmas AMA.

Watch the replay of the Christmas AMA LIVE HERE:

Plug Chain Growth and Expansion
Joey began by explaining the growth of Plug Chain over the years before stating the plans to expand the ecosystem. He stated that PlugCN owners should anticipate massive gains in the coming, not only from price increase but also from airdrops.

It was explained that when Plug Chain was initially listed on LBank exchange without much public support, it listed at $0.001 and it steadily grew to 0.01 in the first phase of the network; thus, achieving a price increase of 10x. In the second phase, the price increased from $0.01 to a maximum of $0.09 which represents a 90x increase all with minimal public support.

Therefore, with more public support today and an expected fund of about 20 million USD in January, Plug Chain owners should expect a price increase of between 5–10x in 2022. He explained that with the price stability around $0.07, in the coming third phase Plug Chain will achieve much more. This is even as all their communities act together to bring about an increase in PlugCN price and ecosystem.

Mega Airdrops
There was a massive announcement during the Christmas AMA, that Plug Chain has plans for a mega airdrop for its users in January. During this session, we found out that these airdrops were a total of about four tokens for official Plug Chain address owners.

Joey Token
First was the Joey token, which would carry the face of Joey. The Joey token was simply created to increase users on the Plug Chain network and bring gain to them. This is because to enlist on to exchanges, Plug Chain has to prove that they have a large user base on their official network.

Joey token has a very limited total supply of 10,000. 1,000 of those will go for pre-mining while the remaining 9,000 will be post-mined for 10 years. So, it has the potential for a 1000x price increase in the first 30 days and everyone will an official Plug Chain wallet address on their Cosmo wallet will get a free Joey token airdrop. The airdrop will come before the listing of Joey.

Another airdrop to be enjoyed by official Plug Chain wallet address holders is the DHW token. The DHW 1 focuses on NFT, Metaverse and DeFi, and is a potential gold mine for users. After listing one month ago, the token did about a 2000x price increase from $0.024 to the maximum price of $64. DHW has not been listed yet, but owning PlugCN allows you access to swap for DHW in the Cosmo wallet.

DHW is the token for a game created by the DHW team called Planet World. This game will operate in the metaverse. The game creates planets for each crypto community in the metaverse. Once the game is launched it will increase the utility of DHW causing the price to potentially rise.

DHW 1 has three phases; the first phase allows communities to participate in DAO management, the second phase creates real-life elements in the game and give real experience in the metaverse, the second phase also brings the dawn of decentralized financial system to Planet World, and the third phase creates social interaction the metaverse using Planet World as it connects you with people in the real life.

This metaverse project is created on the Plug Chain ecosystem and all official Plug chain address holders will get free DHW airdrop in 2022.

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