How to burn $PLUGCN to swap for $ECO Stablecoin

3 min readJul 20, 2022


Dear Plug Chain Fans,

In this article, we will be teaching you step-by-step on how to burn $PLUGCN to swap for $ECO Stablecoin.

Please view the images and follow the steps closely

How to BURN $PLUGCN to swap for $ECO?

Step 1: Open your Cosmo Wallet > [ECOLOGY] >and enter in the [ENTER DAPP URL] box

Step 2: Enter the PLUG ECO DAPP page and click on [AUTHORIZE]

Step 3: Select the number of PLUGCN you want to burn using the slider and click on [CONFIRM]

Step 4: Read the detailed rules for burning $PLUGCN to swap for $ECO and click on [CONFIRM]

Step 5: Enter your wallet address and click on [CONFIRM]

Step 6: Please wait for the process to be completed. Once it is done, go to [WALLET] and will be able to see your $ECO Balance

Step 7: If you have not added the $ECO Contract address, you can click on [COPY CONTRACT ADDRESS] and add it to your cosmo wallet.

If you are unsure of how to add $ECO smart contract to your Cosmo Wallet, please follow the guide below!

How to add $ECO Smart Contract to your Cosmo Wallet

Step 1: Click on the [+] settings icon on the top right corner of the page to add a new token

Step 2: Click on [Token List]

Step 3: Click on the [+] icon on the top right corner of the page to add a new token

Step 4: Click on the [SEARCH] icon on the top right corner and enter ECO smart contract address

ECO PRC20 Smart Contract Address:

Step 5: Click on the [ADD] button to add eco smart contract
Once you have done so, go back to [WALLET] and you will be able to see your $ECO Balance.

Importance of Stable coin System

The stable coin system is the most important infrastructure application for the healthy and smooth development of a public chain, just like the importance of Internet payment to the Internet industry.

A public chain without a “stable coin” is like an e-commerce industry without Internet payment. With the launch of the stable coin ECO, more and more ecosystems will join in to develop and grow the Plug Chain ecosystem together!

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