[AMA Recap] For Metas, unleash the imagination of GameFi

1.Please tell our audience more about yourself and your project For Metas, what do you do?

A little bit info about myself, I’ve been in the crypto space for most of my career…And behind the For Metas project is my team, the team was born with a mission to create a leading web3 application ecosystem.

For Metas team have been working in the application industry for years, covering the space of games, streaming, and high tech companies. For Metas has also received millions of funds in its seed round from well-known individual & institutional investors, we will disclose the detailed information at a certain stage.

So what exactly is For Metas you might wonder. Well, in one sentence, For Metas is building an aggregated application platform that aggregates different Dapps, especially the entertainment ones such as blockchain games, live streaming, social Dapp, metaverse and even AR/VR! So what we are doing is really unique, as most projects might only focus or bring one solution whereas For Metas try to combine them all.

2.Web3 Aggregated application platform seems quite new and fresh, why did you decide to build this and what other points make For Metas different?

People in web3 may frequently hear words like “Gamefi,” “Socialfi,” and “Metaverse,” but the current situation appears to be more like buzz world and has many problems, such as the gamefi’s poor gameplay and unsustainable tokenomics, Socialfi’s poor user experience with its few real users, and the Metaverse’s high entry barrier in terms of pre-investment and technical barriers for most users. Our founder, he has been in the crypto industry for years with the early background of top internet companies, and is totally a tech geek. So he thought why not bring something different by building the best application platform that combines the best parts together, and meanwhile come up with a better solution to the above-mentioned problems.

So what makes us different, well, first of all, nobody is building an aggregated web3 application like we do. If you find yourself dividing your time between your computer, your games console, your streaming application and your stereo. Then For Metas is definitely a place for you to go, all the best dapps for you to have fun let out your steam while having a chance to earn.

So coming to the earning part, most people might be interested in, you know, most gamefi projects. They have a really short life circle, and it’s more like a game of “Pass the Parcel”, needing constant inflow of users and funds to support the survival of the game. Though the traditional game with a millions downloads can suffer from this short-life problem and is kinda inevitable. In For Meta’s case, we’ll launch and incubate 10–20 games, and this means platform users can constantly have new experiences and we also solve the above problem by injecting vitality through new ones.

What’s more, even For Metas NFTs is recyclable, It allows users to use a single asset across the “borders” between multiple games. That is to say, one game asset can be used in another game, even across categories. In contrast with other NFTs that quickly lose its value after the “death”of the game, For Metas NFTs have the potential to preserve or even appreciate in value.

3.Tell us more about the upcoming game Glory Land, like gameplay, entry requirement and how can players achieve play to earn?

Yeah, we are super happy to announce our first game, Glory Land, is going to launch soon. Actually, our team has been working almost entirely on this game for a long time. Glory Land is a classic mobile IDLE game with stunning artistic beauty.

The core gameplay of Glory Land is to collect rewards by combating and upgrading the team. In Glory Land, all heroes will attack automatically, players only need to click when they want to use special effects, and players can even choose the auto battling mode to fully and automatically pass the levels. In Glory Land, all in-game assets, such as weapons, clothing, and other items, are NFTs. You can earn rewards through leveling, mining and competitions and earn additional income by trading NFT items.

So Glory Land is really about collecting, cultivating and upgrading the heroes. It might look simple but really a test of the strategy and techniques of the players.The heroes in Glory Land include seven different factions, each with restrictions, weaknesses, and strengths against the others. The different factions determine the hero’s attributes, equipment, and stunts, and the player needs to consider the hero’s formation in each combat to improve the probability of winning.

As for the gameplay, there are two battling modes: PVE and PVP. As mentioned above, players can also choose to skip battle, but a challenge roll is required. Apart from the main gameplay, players can also farm $4MW tokens with their NFTs. That means players can earn passive income even without playing the game.If you are a social person, you might also join the guild family by searching for other guilds or establishing their guild. Within the guild, you can exchange resources, such as sharing game tips and trading and exchanging heroes.

And I know most of you guys might be interested in how to play to earn. So in Glory Land, you can participate in the pvp and pve battle, and earn NFT fractions in the process which can be used to synthesize mystery boxes and then sell in the marketplace for profit.

Another great way to earn is by staking your NFT card. The amount of rewards you get depends on the tier of your NFTs. The higher tier NFT means more reward, also, by utilizing the upgrading system and players can earn higher staking income. In addition, in the game, the top players on the heroes list split up the individual and guild pools worth tens of thousands of dollars respectively.

4.Why For Metas’s ecosystem is sustainable, what’s the role of $4MW and NFTs be like?

That’s a good question. Most projects in the early days, especially GameFi projects, can’t be called games at all, with only simple staking and mining functions, and many web3 projects have a high entry barrier that seriously interferes with the user’s game experience. But in For Metas’s case, we provide applications with high playability, and we provide a smooth and easy onboarding process for both Web2 and Web3 users.So from the product side, we are confident of the long-term retention of users.

From the economy side.So far, most projects rely on “external circulation” survival, where players produce tokens with NFT and then swap to get stablecoins. In this case, it is facing sell pressure from both investors, token holders and players which may accelerate the death of the game.

In the For Metas ecosystem, there are two main underlying financial value carriers, the platform token $4MW and NFTs.$4MW is the fuel that drives the For metas ecosystem and the only medium for Dapp usage, consumption, and rewards. For example, $4MW is used for in-game spending, equipment purchases, upgrade consumption, etc.

NFTs are application assets in For Metas with the following features:

-Limited time and limited quantity offerings

-Users use NFTs to produce NFTs

-NFT can be staked to mine $4MW

For example, in the upcoming game Glory Land, players enter the game by free-mint or paid-mint NFT hero card. Then consume $4MW during the leveling process to obtain NFT fractions to synthesize mystery boxes, which can be sold on the secondary market for profits. Some cards have mineable attributes; players can choose to stake directly or upgrade the cards by consuming the specified cards to obtain higher staking income and level up in the game faster. Players can directly list and sell both the synthesized mystery box and the upgraded NFT card trading market on the website. It is worth mentioning that the For Metas can be used for secondary scenarios. For instance, a specific NFT can be used across different games launched, giving it the dimension of collection value and future value-added.

Furthermore, apart from the perfect fusion of NFTs and $4MW, For Metas also designed a Redistribution model where a large portion of the platform revenue will go directly to the platform users through the guild rewards, staking rewards, invitation rewards, etc. The mode directly extend the life cycle of the platform, and the users also get better incentives and positive feedback.

5.What‘s the first step for users who wanna get enrolled in For Metas and Glory Land?Is there any internal-testing on going and when is the official launch of the game and NFTs

Yeah, so first of all, you guys definitely need to register your account first, we have a comprehensive step-by-step guide for you guys on our official medium, if you need further help, just go visit our discord and our admin will also be happy to answer that for you guys.

So for anyone, we wanna jump into the world of Glory Land, we definitely have prepared internal test for people who wanna experience in advance. But also have to note, only registered users with NFTs of R and above level can enter the game, and anyone who joined the beta testing could get the special gifts after the game launch officially. You can check the tutorials for the internal testing also on our Medium page.

You might also wonder how to get your first Glory Land NFTs, well, you can either free mint from our activity or purchase the mystery box at https://www.4metas.io/#/mysteryBox , we have different tiers and sizes of the box, and players might choose one according to the own preference, as I mentioned above, there is only one official sale of the box, and you can only buy it on the secondary market place at probably higher price in later stage, so we highly recommend get your nfts asap, worth mentioning, we also have a repurchase plan which means if you are lucky enough to get a SR hero card, we will buyback at the price of $1500, amazing right?

Just browse our website and get your box now!



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