Dear PLUG Chain fans,

The video event has finally come to an end. A lot of users have already gotten their rewards for participation and sent screenshots in our telegram group.

We are grateful for the support and the vouch.
Please stay tuned while we release more news!

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Dear PLUG Chain fans,

With our every rising popularity, it is important to always stay constantly updated and be informed if there’s any changes in $PLUGCN

In this article, we will show you how to do exactly that — by adding $PLUGCN to watchlist in CoinMarketCap and also in CoinGecko.

The AMA also provide more information on airdrops to expect in 2022 for its users. Continuing from the previous article, these airdrops include;

Kingdom KDM
Kingdom is another project built on the Plug Chain network which explains the expansion of the network. In the AMA, it was explained that Kingdom…

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